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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bestseller's List!!!!!!!!!

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Great news, readers!!!!

I am glad to announce that my book Leading from the Inside-Out remains on's personal happiness bestsellers lists. The book currently holds the position of #4 on the list (3/18/09). The list is updated daily, but hopefully the support of yours as well as others will help the book maintain or even surpass its current position, which will work to spread the conversation of leadership development. Again, thanks for your support.

Follow the link:

Also, stay tuned for Leading from the Inside-Out's companion workbook, Eleven Leadership Practices That Will Change Your Life, due out next month.

It's an exciting time in the world, because the world is ripe for positive changes.

Start with your life.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Social Intelligence As It Relates To Personal Leadership Development

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I have immersed myself in the study of leadership, and I encourage you to do the same. With this in mind, I invite you to listen to world renown psychologist, Daniel Goleman, to hear his take on social intelligence's relationship to personal leadership development.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bring play to your LIFE

When did we stop playing? Most of us grew up as young adults, taking on responsibilities from our earliest memories. Well, in a world packed with duties, obligations, and increasing expectations it is time to get real about play.

As human, and as adults, we cannot keep extending our lifespan without considering how we engage life. Bringing play to our lives is a seductive and exciting way to presence our passion for life.

What is Play?

How many of us are having a hard time with a conversation about play as adults. This will require transforming our notion of play. The notion of adult play pits two important currents of life, as represented by Greek mythology: The Dionysian or mischievous, ecstatic, and the Apollonian, or rational and sensible.

Most Americans cannot fathom combining these two currents. Instead, we’ve chosen our Apollonian side. As Nietzche foretold, Western civilization’s repression of its Dionysian side comes at great cost. We’ve forgotten how to play: to experiment, to ask why not, to push our edges, and to try on new things for no practical reason, other than to experience them.

By our mid-thirties it seems we inherit a narrative, path, and destination. We get married, begin families, and/or plow into our careers. Responsibility is confused with seriousness, which seems essential to bring us wealth, and success. Play, on the other hand, simply gets in the way. Uninterrupted, we find ourselves hard pressed to experience fun as we approach retirement. Stop! Break this pattern Now!

Practice Play?

Finding ways to bring play to our lives involves giving up certain beliefs.

1. Give up how things are supposed to be. Any time you sense that things should be a certain way. Stop, pause, and consider that this is an assumption, interpretation and belief from your past – from a time that simply no longer exists. Your intention, not your past, is the best predictor of what occurs in this moment. Be here, now, today!

2. Give up having to know. Having to know all possible outcomes before acting, circumvents the possibility of experiencing the unpredictable, where fun and play live. Paradoxically, the very excitement, and energy that causes fun, springs from our capacity to engage the unknown. Replace the need to know with bewilderment and curiosity. Experiment, disrupt old patterns, see what’s possible. Learn about yourself!

3. Mix and match things. Combine rituals and routines to disrupt old patterns. Add a little wine, hot tea or hot cider, and perhaps a little music or scented candle to balancing your checkbook. Figure out what you enjoy, what inspires you, what stimulates you, and use it to reinvent current routines.

4. Lighten up! Notice your level of significance. Significance occurs in making everything so damn meaningful that we lose ourselves in our thoughts about an event; rather than simply dwelling in the experience of each event. We are too significant when we can no longer laugh at ourselves. In that moment, lighten up.

Listen, regardless of what’s occurring around us, we can always choose how to interpret circumstances, and how to act. As we approach springtime, choose to bring fun, ease and play to more aspects of your life. Your spouse, partner, friends and family will be forever grateful!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Must Become Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable If We Want Change

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Open Mind

This thread is not specific to any leadership issue or topic, rather it is an open space for you to pose questions, comments, or concerns that are related to personal leadership and/or organizational development. This is your time to speak out, be heard, and get free advice from experts in the fields of management, personal leadership, and organizational development. You can also communicate with other readers who share the same interest in self and/or organizational development. Now, there is no set time for The Open Mind, as it can occur any day of the week. Therefore, if you want to participate in a lively personal leadership and organizational development discussion, I encourage you to keep abreast of The Barrett Leadership Blog's postings on a daily basis.

Be bold, adventurous, and participate by asking and discussing personal leadership and organizational development issues that concern you.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Reminder: Upcoming Speaking Event

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Are you living an unhappy, unfulfilled, or unproductive life?

Don’t know where to turn for help?

If only someone would supply you with the answers to help you turn your life around.

Well…, if you are finally fed up with your life and willing to do the work to change it, we have the answers that you need to turn your life around!

Join Dr. Mario O. Barrett III, Ph.D. author of bestseller Leading from the Inside-Out and creator of The Barrett Leadership Model, as he discusses the leadership practices that will lead you to living the life you desire.

Come early and get a quality seat, as this is an event you do not want to miss.

Date: Thursday, March 12 th 6:30 PM-8:00 PM

Location: Simply To Empower @ 189-28 Linden Blvd., Bwt 190th and Farmers Blvd. St., Albans, Queens

Admission: $10.00 per person

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